Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy sets the rules of of processing the personal data gathered by LUCKYU online store with the address www.luckyu.eu (further known as „the online store”), owned by LUCKYU DOROTA JASIŃSKA, Taxpayer Identification Number NIP 581-168-52-47 Statistical Number REGON 364655259, with the registered office at ul. St. Batorego 2a/b/9 80-251 Gdansk, Gdansk county, Pomeranian voivodship.

1. Personal data processing

The administrator of personal data is LUCKYU DOROTA JASIŃSKA, with the registered office in Gdansk at the following address: ul. Batorego 2a/b/9 80-251 Gdansk, Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 581-168-52-47 Statistical Number (REGON) 364655259.
Personal data are processed for proper execution of sale agreements, in cases of complaints and to provide online services within the scope of maintaining the online account of the person using the Online store; The data are also processed, in case of additional agreement, to send commercial and marketing materials via email.
Each customer has the right to access their data and to correct them. The data are transferred voluntarily, thus crucial to use the Online Store.Personal data may be made available for third parties only according to the regulations of Polish law in order to execute the agreements .
Each person using the Online Store has the right to control their personal data processing. Due to this, the Customer may request all the personal data information from LUCKYU under the Act from August 29, 1997 on Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 2014, No.1182)

2. Personal data protection

1. The privacy policy of our Customers is crucial to us, so that we put every effort for our Customers to feel safe while using our website. The privacy policy concerns all private information and personal data collected by the website in order to transfer and process them. LUCKYU guarantees the confidentiality of the information shared with us.
2. In order to keep the privacy policy, the Customer using the Online Store, sets login and password to access his/her Account in the Online Store. The Customer bears responsibility for sharing of the login and password to any third parties.
3. LUCKYU processes the personal data in accordance with the Act from June 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 101 of 2002, item 926) and the executional regulations. LUCKYU uses all technical and organizational conditions, in accordance with the Polish law, in order to protect the data from sharing, seizing and processing by the persons unauthorized, from processing the data with the breach of the act of personal data protection; from changing, losing or corrupting them.


LUCKYU uses information saved in the "cookie" files. Cookies are the little files making it possible for electronic devices (e.g. smartphone, computer,etc.) to store specific information concerning these devices. The cookies are used mainly for advertising and statistics. Furthermore, they are used for the website to meet the individual needs of Customers. Each Customer may change "cookies" settings in their browser. If the Customer does not change these settings, "cookies" will be stored in the device's memory. Changing the "Cookies" settings might limit the website's functionality.