In LuckyU we believe in Polish local business. The high-quality products  made in short series are the base for thinking about the future. Our collections are sewn in Polish sewing rooms. This makes the quality even better. We love fashion and we choose what is unique.

Balanced development is a solid foundation for a better future of the planet Earth.
LuckyU`s philosophy is based on the concern of our planet`s resources. We know that it`s better to buy less clothes but buy these which can really please us. The cotton we use has the Oeko-Tex Standard – it`s totally skin-friendly, even for the little children`s skin. This is the guarantee of its attractiveness for a longer time.
Our prints are made by artists, illustrators and, what is the most important, by our friends. 
Thanks to this, we have managed to create a wide chain of people connected with LuckyU. Our prints are very often universal – because fun has no age or gender! We try to follow trends but we interpret them our own way.
LuckyU is the brand which comes from the love for the youngest ones
and as a tribute to the inner child everybody has inside.
LuckyU - the clothes which are comfortable and they let you express yourself.

The idea for the company came as a result of changes after my daughter, Blueberry, was born. Finally, creativity had to burst . And when you do what you love, you won`t work even one day.

Dorota Jasińska